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Lex-Ferenda: Jason Grayson by pamellka Lex-Ferenda: Jason Grayson by pamellka
ɤ   ›NAME:   Jason Grayson (JJ or Jay)
ɤ   ›AGE:  14
ɤ   ›HOUSE:  Slytherin (4th year)
ɤ   ›BIRTHDAY:  7th August
ɤ   ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 1,67cm / 63 kg
ɤ   ›VOICE:
               Core: Dragon Heartstring

                Wood: Dogwood

                Length: 11 inches 

                Flexibility: Swishy

 ɤ   ›SPELL LIST: 

  • Tripping Jinx - Nonverbal
    • Trips the target with a motion of the wand.
  • Shielding Charm - Protego
    • Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. 
  • Tickling Charm - Rictusempra
    • The victim experiences tickling sensations all over the body, a very distracting condition.
  • Stunning Spell - StupefyChecui, or Musphasqa
    • It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.
  • Colour-Changing Charm - Unknown
    • Used to change the color of an object. Some wizards also use it for cosmetic purposes.
  • Incendio - Incendio
    • Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. 
        Jason's specialties consist mainly of jinxes and charms, due to her impish nature.

 ɤ   ›EXTRA CURRICULAR:  Ancient studies & Art
 ɤ   ELECTIVE CLASSES: Study of Ancient Runes & Care of Magical Creatures


| Goofy| Strong-minded| Mischievous| Ambitious| Proud| Lighthearted| Inconsiderate| Judgmental| Egocentric| Loyal| Extremely Shallow| Sly|

    Since Jason grew up with her equally mischievous brother, Jason became accustomed to playing tricks on people and lying her way out of trouble. And though she seems to have a smooth, silver-tongue, she will never fail to speak her mind and will more than likely add something inconsiderate at the end; not caring if she verbally hurts the person she's talking to. That being said, her tactlessness has gotten her into much trouble.

    Her goofy, apathetic and insensitive exterior acts as a protective shell because since she fears that she’ll only get hurt if she becomes close to others, which is why she tends to push others away from her. Jay is shallow and judgmental towards everyone she comes across, never holding back an insult. And she somehow always manages to worsen the offence with her careless, cheery tone; never minding the fact that  she was adding fuel to the fire.

    She is extremely loyal if you manage to befriend her. And though she may act inconsiderate towards her friends, she would do anything for them if the need arose. So far she only considers Artemesia close enough to warrant this sort of behaviour.

    Jay is extremely ambitious, despite how lazy she can become at times. And she’d do anything to achieve her goal of becoming the most successful Auror and doesn’t hesitate to show how proud she is of her dream.

    Her mischievous nature often means she can be found hiding around corridor corners or somewhere secluded, thinking up new schemes to prank others with.

 ɤ   ›HISTORY:

         Born in Austin, Texas, Jason lived her first 5 years there with her family. Her father, Brad, was an American Muggle working in the game industry with her mother, Elizabeth, who was originally from Great Britain. Elizabeth had kept her magical heritage a secret, including keeping it from Brad which would prove fatal in the near future. After Jason's  fifth birthday, her family moved to London because of her parents’ job and just in time for her brother,  Richard, to receive his letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    But before then, Jay’s father had grown increasingly suspicious and paranoid as time went by. He occasionally caught glimpses of levitating objects and oddly paranormal activities out of the corner of his eye. At first he dismissed it as being a drunken delusion but the more frequently he came across the occurrences the more he came to question. And then the Richard’s letter arrived. Jay’s mother had little choice but to explain her status as a magical individual when Brad threatened action. Confused and outraged by the revelation that not only was his wife a witch, but his son a wizard, he left the house in a hurry and came back in a couple of days, in a drunken haze. Aside from Brad's sudden withdrawal, denial and drunkenness, the days progressed much quieter than before, albeit for a few verbal fights with his wife.

    Eventually the day, before Richard was supposed to go to Hogwards, came. All of the frustration that had built up in Brad just exploded and he lashed out at Dick in a drunken frenzy but their mother desperately intervened, jumping between the two with her mind set on disapparating away from her children to keep them safe. But she’d been too distracted to concentrate properly causing her thoughts to become unstable as she instead apparated them to a height of about 30 meters in the air before they plunged to their death.

    Living through their parents’ untimely death was definitely an earth-shattering experience for both children.  The whole incident caused the dormant magic inside Jay to spark uncontrollably and break anything in her vicinity. Meanwhile, her brother, Dick, closed in on himself in shock and didn't speak to anyone for a few weeks. Their parents’ longtime friend and wizard, Alfred, took them in shortly after and explained how magic and the magical world worked.

    Growing up with a boy's name led to Jason being bullied and ridiculed by the other children, which in turn made her harden and retaliate in the only way she knew how to : by playing tricks and pranks. Causing her to be further disliked by the others and often ignored, which served to add fuel to the fire and caused her actions to become more pronounced in order to gain attention, thus her brash and loud exterior.

    By the time she received her Hogwarts letter, her brother was just starting his last year. The summer before, Dick surprisingly found a ferret in an alley trashcan. He fed it some food he had on hand and left it alone afterwards, but the critter managed to follow him home so he decided to take it in and gift it to his sister to take care of. Jason named the ferret Timothy on a spur of the moment decision and ever since then, wherever she went, Tim followed not far behind. That was one of the best days of her life, with a letter in one hand and a new pet in the other, she'd squealed all day in happiness and eagerly awaited the 1st of September.

    When the time came, despite her happiness and eagerness, she was a ball of nerves on the inside, wondering if she'd fare well and if she'd make it into her brother's house - Slytherin. Jason had felt jittery and flustered walking towards the stool and hat, although she managed to somewhat calm herself down once she noticed her brother's supportive smile and thumbs up. Putting on the hat and sensing the unfamiliar touch in her mind, she'd nearly screamed aloud in surprise. Almost instantaneously, a soothing voice spoke in her mind, assuring it meant no harm, and a moment later that same voice sounded in her ears, eliminating any fears and doubts she had, roaring a clear 'Slytherin'. She'd seen her brother's huge grin at the table she now belonged to and she'd practically ran to his side in excitement.


             + Candy, candy, candy
             + People with pleasant voices
             + Playing tricks and pranks on people
             + Artemesia, her only friend
             + Changing her highlights every few days or weeks.

             - Being ignored/told to shut up
             - Bossy people and know-it-all's
             - Most Hufflepuffs
             - Others excelling at something she can't

ɤ   ›FAMILY: 

              Brother (Richard) and adoptive father (Alfred)
              She is extremely close to both and loves them strongly, seeing as they're her only family left.


              Artemesia Barberry Caraway - Best friends

ɤ   ›PET : 
           Name: Timothy (Tim, Timmy, Moth ball [as reffered to by Artemesia])
           Species: Ferret, Male
          Personality: Mischievous, playful, loyal
         :star:Was gifted to her, by her older brother, who surprisingly found it in the streets.
         :star: Her boy name is due to the fact that her parents were expecting a boy, but once it became apparent that she was most definitely a girl, they just decided to roll with it.
         :star: Through her brother’s friend, Sage, Jason had met Artemesia and they’d managed to become fast friends even before arriving at Hogwarts.
         :star: Has an American accent.
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LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Congratulations on getting into the group. 
I hope you'll have a lot of fun and good luck!
pamellka Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Filmographer
Hey, thank you, Lightning ;u; <33
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
No need to thank man. Glad to see you got in uvu
I never got to saying this before, but I really liked her design
especially the hair with that green streak through it!
pamellka Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
Awwww <333 thank you! haha, the hair is the reason I decided on a girl xD 

hey, I hope you don't mind me asking, I mean, it's none of my business, but why'd you leave? ]: I was looking forward to rping with you ;n;
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome man!

Nah I dont mind at all, I dont want to call
anyone out or anything like that, so Ill just vaguely 
say, there was some things that I didn't approve of
that was going on, that's the main reason, but I'll
definitely be lurking around to make sure the group's
doing okay still. And if you really want to rp, I plan to 
still use my character, so we still could, your choice.
pamellka Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
Ahhh! ]: I'm sorry to hear that

I would so love that <333
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
no need to be sorry, I dont regret it so thats good uvu
Cool, how do you prefer to rp then? notes, google docs, skype, etc?
pamellka Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
;u; that's good at least

I really have no preference ;u; so whatever's most comfy for you?
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TrisVita Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist
hah, this person looks so adorable *^* Jasons face and positions is perfect and I really like how you draw her *^* And I love this shading! Also her clothes are great, this socks and skirt is something what I like the most :heart: Owww, and her pet, and her pet, just genius! :icondancingpandaplz: Wand looks great too ^^
pamellka Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Filmographer
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